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HERDIN Record #: 103096-19072515450893 Submitted: 25 July 2019 Modified: 31 July 2019


Jose Gerald B. Dela Cueva,
Mark Sandro F. De Vera,
Angel Rose C. Mane,
Jessarie B. Tuiza

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Aims: To determine the anti- angiogenic property of ethanolic extract of avocado (Persea americana), effect of the avocado peel extract on the duck Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) Assay in the following concentration: 25% (0.50ml), 50% (1.50ml) and 100% (2.1ml) and what concentration of the extract will exhibit anti-angiogenic property.

Study design: The design of the study was experimental method.

Place and duration of Study: Ateneo de Manila University and National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of the Philippines Los Baños Laguna, between April 2018-September 2018.

Methodology: The study utilized the experimental method of research. Experimental research was based on a methodology that meets three criteria: (a) random assignment the subjects (or either entities) are randomly assigned to treatment groups, (b) experimental control features of the treatments are identical except for the independent variable (1.e., the feature being tested), and (c) appropriate measures the dependent measures are appropriate for testing the research hypothesis. The researchers used this type of research to determine the angiogenic property of ethanolic extract of avocado (P. americana). The CAM was used to investigate the said effect of the ethanolic extract of branching blood vessels.

Conclusion: The avocado fruit extract is positive in carotenoid and it has anti-angiogenic property. It may inhibit the production of new blood vessel groth, with subsequent induction of tumor activity, hence preventing cancer.

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Department of Medical Technology
Publication Date
March 2019
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UPH-Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University/Medical Center MT395 Abstract Print Format
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