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HERDIN Record #: 100731-19042211211899 Submitted: 22 April 2019 Modified: 17 July 2019

A rare case of primary anterior mediastinal yolk sac tumor.

Cristia Maysol T. Maderazo-Morales,
Fernando G. Ayuyao

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Mediastinal Germ cell tumors are extragonadal germ cell tumors (EGGCTs) commonly seen in children and young adults. Other extragonadal sites that has been detected includes  the presacral area, the face, uvula, and the pineal gland. Yolk sac tumor (endodermal sinus tumor) is a subtype of germ cell tumor and a highly malignant neoplasm. Primary yolk sac tumor of the anterior mediastinum is an extremely rare case and carries a grave prognosis, affecting mainly young men. We present a 27- year- old male with primary yolk sac tumor of the anterior mediastinum.

Publication Type
Research Report
January 1-December 31, 2018
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Philippine Heart Center Medical Library EP.CR.021.18 Fulltext Print Format

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