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HERDIN Record #: 100731-19041517162369 Submitted: 16 April 2019 Modified: 16 April 2019

Utility of TBA in assessing reversibility to bronchodilator in children <6 years old diagnosed to have doubtful asthma and probable asthma.

Brenda Lou Lovely N. Abanilla,
Charito C. Delos Santos,
Ma. Encarnita B. Limpin

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Background: Asthma is a multifactorial disease usually characterized by chronic airway inflammation. Lung function test is more difficult to measure in children less than  years old due to lack of cooperation. Tidal breathing analysis is a non-invasive method of measuring airway and parenchymal lung function.

Method: This is a cross-sectional study. A total of 72subjects were classified as to doubtful and probable asthma based on the questionnaire adopted from 2017 GINA guidelines. The TPEF/TE and VPEF/TE were measured using Jaeger Masterscreen Baby Body Pediatric System and all subjects where exposed to bronchodilator salbutamol to deteremined reversibility and response.

Results: In this study, the tidal breathing analysis parameters TPTEF/TE and VPEF/TE were consistent with other studies and is statistically significant to delineate children with doubtful and probable asthma. In this study there was no significant difference in the absolute and percent change between doubtful and probable asthma. In the present study, a 12% change in the TPTEF/TE and VPEF/TE was used to indicate a positive response to bronchodilator (salbutamol). There is no significant correlation between responders and non-responders in TPTEF and VPEF group to the characteristic of children on doubtful and probable asthma .Clinical improvement after bronchodilator nebulization may not be absolutely 12% change in TPEF/TE and VPEF/TE.

Conclusion: This study showed that TBA (TPTEF/TE and VPEF/TE) pre-bronchodilator values of 25.91 ± 8.61 and 28.88± 6.75 can be used to delineate children with doubtful and probable asthma. The utility of TBA as a tool to determine the reversibility to bronchodilator is statistically not significant and the study still cannot  objectively give a value as to the percent change of response to bronchodilator.

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