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HERDIN Record #: 100731-19041515395423 Submitted: 15 April 2019 Modified: 15 April 2019

Prognostic value of C reactive protein in suspected acute ischemic heart disease patients seen at the chest pain unit of the Philippine Heart Center.

Ramon Joel S. Seastres,
Gregorio Patacsil Jr.

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This study determines the prognostic values of serial CRP concentration among patients with suspected acute ischemic heart disease in association with cardiac events. This also evaluates the prognostic relation of serial CRP level among diabetic patients with suspected acute ischemic heart disease. Serial serum C-reactive protein were obtained on admission and the subsequent 48 hours on randomly selected 70 patient suspected acute ischemic heart disease seen at chest pain unit of the Phil .Heart Center. 4 were excluded due to pneumonia and chronic renal disease. Follow up study for cardiac events was done for a period of 6 months. Baseline clinical characteristics were similar in group confirmed with UAlNSTEMI except in previous ACB and B-blocker treament. Serial CRP concentration were significantly higher for patients with cardi c events compared to without cardiac events in confirmed UAlNSTEMI ( p value= <0.05 ) while in STEMI group with cardiac outcome, the serial CRP is observed to be elevated but the prognostic outcome was not significant due to limited population. Serial CRP assay in diabetic group of UAlNSTEMI showed increased cardiac events in CRP > 6mg/dl ( p value>0.05 ) but not significant, in contrast to non diabetic group which demonstrated significant relation to cardiac outcome (p value <0.05 ). In the STEMI, there is higher number of cardiac events in both diabetic and nondiabetic group but not statistically significant. This study demonstrated the usefulness of serial CRP determination during admission, Dayl and Day 2 of hospitalization in predicting cardiac events during follow up period in patients with UAINSTEMI. However, in STEMI with cardiac events, there is elevated serial CRP level but not statistically significant due to limited population. Similarly, the mean and serial CRP level is higher in diabetic patients with cardiac events in confirmed UAINSTEMI and STEMI group but not significant.

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Research Report
January 1-December 31, 2000
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