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HERDIN Record #: 100731-19041513505549 Submitted: 15 April 2019 Modified: 15 April 2019

A primary malignant melanoma of the anterior mediastinum: a case report.

Cristia Maysol  T. Maderazo-Morales,

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A 23- year- old male presented with cough and chest discomfort associated with intermittent fever for 5 months. This was associated with shortness of breath on exertion and weight loss. Family history was significant for breast cancer in the mother and sister. CT scan of the chest with contrast was done and showed an anterior mediastinal mass. Histopathologic diagnosis of CT scan guided biopsy revealed malignant melanoma, confirmed by immunohistochemical stains. Resection of the mass with lymph node dissection was done and the procedure was tolerated. Primary malignant melanoma of the anterior mediastinum is extremely rare. Definite diagnosis is through histopathologic yield of malignant melanoma and an immunohistochemistry staining of pleomorphic melanocytes with prominent nucleoli and melanin pigment which was present in our patient. Adjuvant chemotherapy after resection is the treatment of choice.

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