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HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-18112212023881 Submitted: 22 November 2018 Modified: 22 November 2018

Two concurrent, pathologically distinct left atrial masses: a case report.

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Primary cardiac neoplasms are rare, and majority of these are benign. A rarer occurrence is two distinct tumors within the heart.

A 68-year old female presented with dizziness and dyspnea. A previous echocardiography showed a left atrial mass, which was confirmed on a repeat examination. However, on further scrutiny, the mass was noted to be distinct in its echocardiographic features. On surgical exploration, there were indeed two distinct masses within the left atrium. The masses were confirmed histologically to be distinct from each other.

In the evaluation of cardiac masses, the possibility of two distinct masses within the same cavity should be considered. In this case, echocardiography was able to demonstrate such occurrence, and was confirmed by surgery and pathology.

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