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HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-18020214271625 Submitted: 02 February 2018 Modified: 14 January 2019

Pulmonary artery size as predictor of short term outcome of patients undergoing Total Tetralogy of Fallot Correction.

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Background: The repair of Tetralogy of Fallot is considered one of the most common surgeries in acyanotic congenital hearts. The preoperative findings of the sizes of the right and left pulmonary arteries, among other parameters, determine whether a definitive repair or a palliation will be done. We measured the right ventricular pressure and pulmonary artery pressures and compared them to the preoperative Z-scores of the the right and left pulmonary artery sizes.

Method: This is a prospective study done in the Philippine Heart Center on August 1, 2015 up to the present. The preoperative Z-scores of the right and left pulmonary arteries were measured preoperatively, categorized into Adequate, Borderline and Inadequate pulmonary artery sizes, and the right ventricular pressure and the pulmonary artery pressures were measured intraoperatively. The measured values were then analyzed and correlated to the postoperative clinical factors.

Results: There was no reported in hospital mortality. The preliminary results show no significant differences in the right ventricular pressures and pulmonary artery pressures among the different categories of pulmonary artery sizes (Adequate, Borderline and Inadequate). There was also no significant differences in the postoperative BP, HR, inotropic supports, congestive changes on chest Xray, and length of time of intubation among the categories.

Conclusion: The variety of factors that may affect the outcome of patients with Tetralogy of Fallot makes it hard to pinpoint specific factors that have affect the outcomes of repair. The preliminary result of the study did not show that there was differences in the clinical outcome as long as the ones managing the patient agree to proceed to repair.

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