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HERDIN Record #: R06-WVSU-18011214094241 Submitted: 12 January 2018 Modified: 29 January 2019

Knowledge and practices of a rural-based physicians on the national consensus of tuberculosis management.

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Background: In the Philippines, despite diligent efforts to control tuberculosis (TB), it has remained a persistent scourge and is reported as the 5th leading cause of morbidity and mortality. The National Consensus on Tuberculosis Management was developed to increase TB control.

Objective: The study aimed to determine whether the knowledge and practices of rural-based physicians in the Province of Iloilo are consistent with the National Consensus on Tuberculosis Management.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in the Province of Iloilo with a total population of 1.5 million and morbidity rate of 26,586/ 100.00 population. Rural-based physicians were asked to fill out a questionnaire with 40 items based on the National Consensus of Tuberculosis Management.

Results: There are 70 respondents out of the intended 84 physicians, with 37 private practitioners and 33 government physicians. Only 27% read about the National TB Consensus. There was not much difference in the knowledge and practice of government and private physicians. Both groups of physicians have insufficient knowledge in treating TB, with only 35% level of knowledge. This was below the level sufficiency of knowledge which was set at 75%. Both groups of physicians had only about 50% adherence to the Consensus (inappropriate practice). Both groups were at a loss on how to treat multi-drug resistant (MDR) cases.

Conclusion: Knowledge and practices of both private and government rural-based physicians in the Province of Iloilo are not consistent with the National Consensus on TB Management. 

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