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HERDIN Record #: R04A-UPHBL-17121214444779 Submitted: 12 December 2017 Modified: 09 September 2019


Louella Jeanne G. Capola,
Shyla Mari G. Hernandez,
Maria Sofia A. Honduna,
Joyce Anne N. Reyes,
Glory Ann Rose D. Tipones,
Hannah Clarice E. Villa

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Denture adhesive aids in the retention of dentures while oral cavity is in function. It may momentary but it serves as an alternative for patients who cannot afford to have their dentures replaced or even have it relined immediately. Dentists also run across patients who have flat ridges where retention is difficult to achieve. If we consider those factors, we might say that denture adhesive is of great significance in Prosthodontics  since applying it is an alternative way of gaining the needed retention, especially those patients who are not financially stable.

A total of 15 patients took part in this study. Each of them was given two products. Prod - A, Saluyot Denture Adhesive was distributed for the first week and Prod - B, the commercially available denture adhesive for the second week. At the end of each week, participants were asked to return for the researchers evaluate the retentiveness of each product with the use of questionnaires and to check for the presence of mucosal irritation.

The use of denture adhesive has shown positive results and does not cause mucosal irritation except for thise participants who have it even before the implementation, have poor hygiene, and have failed to remove and clean their dentures at night.

The experimental study has shown hat in terms of retention, saluyot denture has a similar effect as the commercially available denture adhesive. In conclusion, it has no significant difference in terms of retentiveness.

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Thesis Degree
Publication Date
October 2017
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