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Maria Clara Cherubim A. Aranez

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Annual Report
UPH-Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University/Medical Center
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    A study was done to determine if the patient's level of anxiety is affected bu how much he knows about dental care. Patient's knowledge about promotive, preventive, nd curative dental care was evaluated using a questionnaire. The Corah's Dental Anxiety Scale (DAS) was used to measure the level of anxiety of the patients. Results show that patients are knowledgeable about preventive and promotive health care, respectively. In general, patients, are anxious about dental services. Patients feel uneasy when coming into the clinic, waiting in the dental office while seated on the dental chair and dentist prepares instruments/materials needed to perform intended services. They also become anxious if they are due for a dental procedure for the first time. Based on Corah's DAS, 50% of the patients have low level of anxiety which maybe attributed to their educational attainment. These patients are college students who are well informed about modern and advanced technology of dental care.

Oral health care literacy is negatively and weakly correlated with the level of anxiety. Promotive dental health care is significant correlate  and a strong negative predictor of anxiety level. Curative and restorative dental health care is  neither a strong correlate nor a strong predictor of anxiety.

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