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HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-17051213484939 Submitted: 12 May 2017 Modified: 12 May 2017

Off-site diagnosis of acute dissectingaorticaneurysm through a video conference App using a mobile smart phone and a tablet device.

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Background: The purpose of this study is to determine the agreement of off-site interpretation using a video conference app in a tablet device, and on-site interpretation of CT thoracic aortograms in patients with suspected aortic dissection.

Method: An off-site consultant radiologist interpreted pre-selected random CT thoracic aortograms of 31 patients with clinical diagnosis of aortic dissection, using a tablet device through a video conference app. At the other end of the video conference is an in-house radiology resident for which the CT images were broadcasted using a mobile smart phone. Off-site interpretation results were compared to an on-site interpretation results with the use of a standardized data form. Agreement and Kappa coefficients were determined.

Results: The results showed that there is overall good agreement of the on-site and off-site reports. In detecting the presence of an aneurysm and aortic dissection, agreement were 87% (27/31) for detecting aneurysms and 100% (31/31) for aortic dissections. KAPPA coefficients of 0.73 and 1.0, respectively. Agreement in detecting the type of aneurysm is 87% (27/31) for saccular aneurysms and 90% (28/31) for fusiform aneurysms. There is 93% (30/31) agreement for localizing the aortic dissection in the ascending thoracic aorta and 100% (31/31) in the descending thoracic aorta.

Conclusion: The off-site interpretations of CT aortograms did not differ significantly from that of the on-site final reports. However, there is slight disagreement in detecting small aneurysms and identifying the type (saccular versus fusiform).

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