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HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-17011816305562 Submitted: 19 January 2017 Modified: 19 January 2017

The association of left atrial volume index in the occurence atrial fibrillation in patients with rheumatic heart disease.

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Background: In the study, it showed that atrial fibrillation was rare in patients  with a left atrial dimension below 40 mm but common when their dimension exceeded 40 mm. Furthermore in the subgroup study of patients older than 40 years of age or older and who had LA dimension of more than 45mm or greater, atrial fibrillation occurred in 47 of 53 of those with isolated mitral valve disease. Sauter and co-workers also found that LA pressure and volume did have a positive relationship in patients with mitral stenosis ans in patients with aortic valve disease or primary cardiomyopathy but not in mitral insufficiency.

Methods: We performed a retrospective cohort of patients with rheumatic heart disease predominantly with mitral stenosis seen at the out patient department Patients are followed up to assess occurrence of new onset atrial fibrillation or any embolic phenomenon and determine the LAVI if such event occurs.

Results: There are total of 100 patients seen at the out patient department and are followed up by the author for a specified schedule. The mean age is 37 years old. No occurrence of atrial fibrillation was seen. Five patients had stroke. The mean LAVI in the embolic events was 51 cc/m2. Mean MVA are 0.83 and 0.72 by pressure half time and planimetry, respectively. The mean age pf patients who developed stroke was 30.

Conclusion: Two-year observation is not enough period to document occurrence of new onset atrial fibrillation. From the data gathered in 5 patients with embolic phenomenon, we cannot make any conclusion because of small number of outcome.

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To determine the association of LAVI in the occurence of the atrial fibrillation or embolic phenomenon in patients with RHD with predominant mitral stenosis (MS) at Philippine Heart Center (PHC).

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