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HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-17011111335949 Submitted: 11 January 2017 Modified: 11 January 2017

ASD closure with pre-occlusion maneuver and under beating heart.

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Background: The intention of doing this pre-occlusion maneuver is determine the hemodynamic effect after occluding the ASD with balloon catheter and also helps closing ASD on beating heart without the danger of causing air embolism.

Methods: These surgical techniques will be done by doing standard sternotomy incision and cannulations. A purse-string suture will be placed at right atrium to hold for the Foley catheter that will served as the balloon occluder of the ASD. Under IOTEE guuidance the balloon will be inflated inside the left atrial cavity then will be pulled back to occlude the ASD. An initial BP, CVP, PA and LA pressure and ABG will be determine and then 10 and 20 minutes post-occlusion respectively. If there will be no hemodynamic changes then we will proceed with putting on the heart-lung machine. The right atrium will be open, maintaining the balloon occlusion of the ASD. Closure of the ASD with proline 5.0 double layer technnique with gradual deflation of the balloon occluder then removal of the catheter with complete closure of the ASD. Closure o right atrium then putting off the bypass machine.

Results: The result of the study is to successfully performing the occlusion of the ASD under IOTEE guidance and closure of ASD under beating heart.

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