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HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-17011010545235 Submitted: 10 January 2017 Modified: 10 January 2017

An innovative scheme in screening potential blood donors the presence of methamphetamine and cannabinoid in the urine.

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Objectives. To determine the demographic profile and incidence of methamphetamine and cannabinoid among the urine of potential blood donors at a Tertiary Hospital Blood Bank, and to refer for confirmatory Thin Layer Chromatography testing all donors with positive results during screening with Fluorescence Immunoassay.

Design. This study has a cross-sectional design, the drug abuse history of donors are verified using Flouresence Polarization Immunoassay screening (TDx analyzer) for urinary methamphetamine and cannabinoid. Levels >300 ng/ml for methamphetamine and >25ng/ml for cannabinoid are considered positive and rejected for donorship. The urine of these donors are sent for confirmatory testing with Thin Layer Chromatography. All positive results are handled with strict confidentiality.

Results. Twenty-eight potential donors could be identified in a population of 1,435. These 28 make up 2% of the population considered, out of this percentage, 78% are positive for methamphetamine, 18% for cannabinoid, and 4% for both substances. All of them are males, majority from 18-25 years of age, 75% are single, mostly unemployed, and resides within the National Capital Region. Out of these 28 investigated, 12  were subjected to Thin Layer Chromatography confirmatory testing. Out of the 12, 9 revealed positive for methaphetamine and cannabinoid.

Summary. The donor drug history is not adequate for identifying potential donors who are potential habitual drug users. Deliberately false statements concerning drug  history are a clear breach of trust between the blood bank and potential donors. these unreliable donors represent an incalculable risk for the transformation recipients. Therefore, it is appropriate to validate donor statements about drug consumption by urine analyses, and to exclude for donorship all potential blood donors revealed as drug users.

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