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HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-17010616163042 Submitted: 07 January 2017 Modified: 07 January 2017

Microalbuminuria Coronary Artery Disease among Non Diabetic Patients undergoing Coronary Angiogram at Philippine Heart Center.

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Background. Microalbuminuria has been associated with microvascular disease. It has been associated with progressive kidney disease and is now correlated with risk of stoke, left ventricular hyperttophy, adverse cardiovascular event and even death. The study aim to determine the relationship between the presence of microalbuminuria and coronary angiographic lesions among non diabetic patients.

Methods. This is a cross-sectional study which involved admitted non diabetic patients with indications for coronary angiography at Philippine Heart Center. Demographic characteristics were obtained. Urinalysis was done to exclude patients with overt protenuria. Dip stick micral test was done using first void urine prior to coronary angiogram. Presence or absence of microalbuminuria was correlated with coronary artery disease.

Results. One hundred ten subjects were included in the study. The prevalence of microalbuminuria among patients with coronary artery disease was 32.8%. Twenty eight percent of the total population had microalbuminuria. Seven percent of the subjects had abnormal waist to hip ratio which was statistically significant (p value 0.032). Among 110 subjects, 23% had normal coronaries and 77% had insignificant and significant CAD. Furthermore, out of 85 subjects with abnormal coronaries, 21 patients comprising 32% had microalbuminuria. The correlation between microalbuminuria and coronary artery disease was not statistically significant with a p value of 0.261.

Conclusion. Microalbuminuria did not have a significant association with coronary artery disease. The aid of microalbuminuria as am indicator of coronary artery disease among non diabetic patients was not established.

Keywords. Microalbuminuri, coronary artery disease

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