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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD060507120633 Submitted: 06 June 2007

Childhood inchildhood interventricular septa lipoma.

Leonisa Sagun,
Marissa Orillaza,
Bernadette R. Asuncion,
Donaldson M. Gadingan

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We report a rare case of an 8-year-old girl with history of dizziness and shortness of breath who was referred to our institution due to an echocardiographic finding of a right ventricular mass arising from the interventricular septum. Rhabdomyoma was the primary consideration. A repeat 2-D echocardiography revealed a mass at the right ventricuh body with the stalk attached to the distal third of the ventricular septum. The mass was excised with a histopathologic diagnosis of lipoma.

The patient recovered well and is currently asymptomatic.

Cardiac lipomas are very rare benign neoplasms occurring anywhere in the heart with unclear etiology. Diagnosis is based on the histologic findings with clinical correlation and ancillary non-invasive procedures. The treatment of choice is surgical resection and patients generally have a good outcome after resection.

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Case report
Philippine Heart Center Journal
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January-December 2005
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