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HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-16090811474216 Submitted: 08 September 2016 Modified: 08 September 2016

Surgical outcomes of Congenital Heart Disease patients with moderate to severe pulmonary hypertension after oxygen challenge test.

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Background:  There have been no study done, correlating the oxygen saturation with the clinical outcome on congenital heart disease (CHD) patients with moderate-severe pulmonary hypertension. Hence this study would like to see its correlation, and to determine the level of oxygen saturation as a good predictor of outcome.

Objective: The main objective of this study is to assess the step-up of oxygen after oxygen challenge test in post-operative CHD patients with moderate to severe pulmonary hypertension (as defined by echocardiography moderate 60-80mrnHg ; severe >80mmHg). Specific objectives are: to determine the clinical outcome (mortality, Right ventricular (RV) dysfunction or failure) and the relationship of the oxygen step-up with the clinical outcome; to determine the step up of P02 and 02 saturation after oxygen challenge; and to determine the level of p02 and 02 saturation values after oxygen challenge test in predicting clinical outcome prior to surgery of CHD patients.

Methods and Results: This is a retrospective cohort study,  that reviewed all charts of Congenital Heart Disease patients who underwent surgical correction for their cardiac pathology. Out of the 447 charts, only 50 patients were included in the study. Correlation with clinical outcomes were not computed because there was only one mortality.

Conclusion: As shown in the results all the O2 saturation increased up to 99.9%, whether the patient has moderate or severe PAP. Oxygen challenge test becomes immaterial as shown in this retrospective study, and cannot discriminate whether the patient should be operated on or not. Therefore, it is not unthinkable that, no literature exist to show that the 02 challenge is clinically relevant. Even though this is not a randomized trial, the study showed that the hypothesis is not correct.

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