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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD16052609263594 Submitted: 26 May 2016 Modified: 29 August 2017

Quantitative parameters in Tc-99m pertechnetate thyroid scintigraphy predict increased gland uptake function.

Jerry M. Obaldo

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BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE: Direct measurement of gland uptake function is done by determining radioactive iodine uptake (RAID) values. Scintigraphic parameters in 99mTc0-4 thyroid scan have been shown to be moderately correlated with FT4 levels. This study aims to correlate these scintigrahic parameters with RAIU values and determine the cutoff that will predict increased gland uptake function.
METHODOLOGY: Patients referred for thyroid scan and RAI uptake at the Philippine Heart Center were included in the study. RAW. values were correlated with thyroid salivary gland ratio, thyroid to background ratio, thyroid count and acquision time. These values were obtained by drawing appropriate regions of interest in the thyroid, salivary gland and the background.
RESULTS: The four parameters were strongly correlated with RAI uptake values. The cut-off for the thyroid salivary gland ratio, thyroid to background ratio, total thyroid count and acquisition time that best predicts increased gland uptake were > 9.3, > 9.8, > 108134 counts, and < 203 seconds, respectively.
CONCLUSION: The four scrim/graphic parameters can be used in determining the activity of the gland using thyroid imaging alone in the absence of RA1U values.

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Clinical trials/Clinical investigations (RCT's)
The Philippine Journal of Nuclear Medicine
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July-December 2016
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