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HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-16031710003095 Submitted: 17 March 2016 Modified: 06 February 2017

The Effects of Bedpan versus Bedside Commode on Cardiovascular and Respiratory Parameters among CAD-ACS Patients.

Darigold  C. Anza,
Gliezel  G. Concepcion,
Wilma M. Domingo,
Christine  B. Florendo,
Aprilyn  L. Garcia,
Eleanor  D. Lacsa,
Jenylyn  E. Plazuelo,
Liberty  M. Reyes,
Noli  C. Reyes,
Paul Cedric  B. Rumbaoa ,
Vanessa Joyce  . Leyson,
Emelinda  R. Banaria,
Lee  B. Banguilan,
Eva Teodora T. Sison,
Leyda  E. Dela Cuesta,
Maria Linda  G. Buhat

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Publication Type
Research Report





BACKGROUND: For the promotion of patients diagnosed of CAD-ACS, the study was conducted to prevent cardio-respiratory complications related to defecation process. This was primarily done by comparing the cardio-respiratory parameters of the study population during and after defecation while using bedpan and bedside commode.


OBJECTIVE: The study aims to find out the effects of the above-mentioned devices by monitoring the cardio-respiratory changes for any significant difference between the two groups during and after defecation.


METHOD: The study utilized Randomized Controlled Trial where subjects were assigned to either bedpan or bedside commode groups. On the process, the cardio-respiratory parameters (CR, BP, MAP, SaO2, RR) were periodically monitored during and after defecation. The Mean, Dependent T-Test, and Analysis of Co-Variance were the statistical treatments used in the study, .


RESULT: The use of bedpan and bedside commode offer no life-threatening effects to CAD-ACS patients. Though there are no significant changes noted on the systolic blood pressure on both groups, lowering of the systolic blood pressure was noted during the defecation phase in the commode group. The diastolic pressure showed significant changes on the 3rd, 8th and 11th minute after defecation among the commode group, and at the 11th minute after defecation among the bedpan group. The same is true with the MAP when significant changes were noted on the 3rd, 5th, 8th and 11th minute after defecation among the commode group. Likewise, a significant change was also noted on the 11th minute after defecation for those who used bedpan.




RECOMMENDATION: The researchers recommend the continued use of these bathroom assistive devices among CAD-ACS patients. It is also hereby recommended that the bedside commode be used among patients who might have a tendency to develop recurrent-intermittent tachyarrhythmias. On the other hand, bedpan is recommended among CAD-ACS patients prone to develop hypotension.

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