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HERDIN Record #: R07-CVHRDC-11191202111346 Submitted: 19 November 2012 Modified: 18 July 2013

No effect of mangagaw plant decoction on the platelet count of normal white mice when compared with distilled water.

Flordeluna Manalili II

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Mangagaw a little known plant, believe to stop bleeding and even restore platelet counts is now frequently used by local folks as a cure for dengue with no scientific studies to back up their claim. Establish the effect of mangagaw on the platelet count of mice and pave a way for further studies on its efficacy and safety on human subjects. 0.5 ml for a total of three doses only of mangagaw decoction were given to the test group and similar dose using distilled water were also given to the control group. Platelet counts were taken before administration of treatment, 12 hours after the administration of the first dose and 24 hours after the administration of first dose.

Outcome: No significant change in the platelet counts of mice for both groups in between readings.

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Research Report


To compare the change in the platelet counts of mice before and after the administration of mangagaw with that of mice given distilled water.

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