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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD10141110100196 Submitted: 14 October 2011 Modified: 05 January 2015

A study of the knowledge, attitudes and health care practices in relation to tetanus neonatorum and their implication to the delivery of health services to the province of Maguindanao.

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Publication Type
Research Project
January 1, 1992


The study seeks to determine the levels of knowledge, attitude and health care practices in relation to tetanus neonatorum in the province of Maguindanao.  Specifically, it seeks to:

1. determine the incidence of tetanus neonatorum;

2. determine the knowledge of health service providers and beneficiaries of the health system on tetanus neonatorum. Areas of concern are:

a. symptoms and treatment of the disease a perceived by beneficiaries, traditional health practitioners and health service providers connected with the IPHO.

b. awareness of beneficiaries, traditional practitioners and IPHO health service providers of the proper treatment and benefit of tetanus toxoid immunization.

c. extent of understanding and adequacy of both preventive and curative aspect of tetanus neonatorum.

3. determine the practices that contribute to the incidence of tetanus neonatorum; and the practices in preventing and curing tetanus neonatorum. Areas concern are:

a. case histories of mothers who are attended by traditional health practitioners and the process of pre and post natal care used by traditional health practitioners.

b. case histories of mothers who submit to tetanus immunization and  their experience during and after delivery compared with those who were not immunized.

c. case histories of mothers who had children stricken with tetanus neonatorum and their experience in treating their babies.

4. determine appropriate strategies of improving program delivery on immunization, particularly the coverage of tetanus toxoid immunization and DPT.

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