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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD09281112094338 Submitted: 28 September 2011 Modified: 24 March 2017

Women's health in selected banana plantations in Davao City: A comparative analysis.

Ruperto Hector Lindo,
Mary Ann Fuertes,
Emma V. Sagarino,
Jean Suzanne Lindo,
Jessibel Sanchez,
Victoria Lupase,
Raulyn Fuentes,
Dynah Petilona,
Agnes Togon

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Publication Type
Research Project
November 30, 2007-November 30, 2010


This study attempts to compare the health status of women in three communities that have different levels of assumed exposure to pesticide delivery. One of these communities is located next to a banana plantation area where aerial spraying is employed; another is near a banana plantation that uses ground spraying; and the last is a non-plantatio area which was chosen for comparison on the assumption that it is exempted from the use of any form of volume delivery of pesticide.

Specifically, this study sought to

1. To determine the profile of women living in these different communities in terms of

a) Demographic characteristics

b) Environmental profile

c) Lifestyle

d) Pesticide exposure

2. To compare if there is a significant difference in the health profile of these women in terms of:

a) Medical profile

b) Laboratory findings

c) Symptoms felt after exposure to pesticide and actions taken to relieve symptoms

d) Morbidity

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Philippine Council for Health Research and Development Library RA 564.85 .W66 2011 / PRP 376 Fulltext Print Format

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