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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08171109084126 Submitted: 17 August 2011 Modified: 04 December 2019

Antibacterial effects of guava and ginger plants against dental pathogens:In vitro and in-vivo.

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Sensitivity tests of the guava leaves decoction showed a 50.0% reduction in the bacterial colony counts isolated from patients who underwent root canal therapy. For the ginger extract, all the cases positive for bacterial growth showed significant reduction in bacterial colony counts. Such reduction was slightly higher than that seen in guava leaves decoction. Longer exposure of the root canal for either of the two extracts (48 hrs.) showed no significant growth in both aerobic and anaerobic cultures. (Author)

OBJECTIVE: The project determines the antibacterial activity of ginger extract and guava leaves decoction against aerobic and anaerobic dental pathogens found in the root canal system.

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