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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08171108080216 Submitted: 17 August 2011 Modified: 26 April 2018

Phase II Clinical study: Comparative, randomized, double-blind trial of Vitex negundo L. (lagundi) syrup among pediatric patients with non-bacterial acute cough of moderate severity.

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There were 214 pediatric patients screened and 66 were included; 32 in Group 2 and 34 in Group 3. Based on age, the subjects were mostly 6-10 years (39/66 or 59%) with 18.2% each in 0-5 and 11-15 years and 4.6% were between 16-20 years old. The mean age was 8.3 years for both groups among those completed treatment.

The drop-out rate was 22% (7/32) for Group 2 and 24% (8/34) for Group 3 with 26 patients completing therapy.

As to response to therapy, there were 20/26 or 75.9% who responded in Group 2 and 81% (21/26) in Group 3. Initial statistical analysis showed no significant differences in the two groups (Placebo and high dose Lagundi Syrup) based on drop-out rate, non-response and good response to therapy after 8 days treatment. (Author)


Phase II: Clinical stusies done in lagundi tablet as anticough.

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