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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08171108082810 Submitted: 17 August 2011 Modified: 17 August 2011

Reliability in the radiograph interpretation of primary KOCH's infection among radiologist at a University Hospital.

Ma. Pamela Singson-Perlas

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Foue hundred chest radiographs of patients 1-10 years of age who consulted at the OPD complaining of cough or with exposure to tuberculosis were reviewed for study. Sample size was computed at 380 using as estimated expected agreement of 55% and a maximum amount of deviation of 5%.

Of the four hundred films, 277 were from patients 5 years of age and below (23.3%) and only 31% were of children 6-10 years olds. The mean age was 4.18 years old and standard deviation of 2.79.

The result emphasized that radiograph should not be relied upon as a sole basis for the diagnosis. Children with primary PTB may even present with normal x-ray.

Poor quality of radiographs may have been a big factor in the wide inter and intraobserver variability in this study. Radiologists should ask for a retake if radiographs are of poor quality. Radiologist should be provided with important data and should only try to interpret radiographs taken ideally to be able to make a more accurate interpretation of primary PTB. (Author)

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It is the objective of the study to determine the reliability in the radiograph interpretations in the diagnosis of primary PTB by assesing the inter and intra observer agreement between radiologists.

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