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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08161104080083 Submitted: 16 August 2011 Modified: 16 August 2011

The lyophilized extracts of Orthosiphon aristatus (Blume) Miguel (Family Labiatae).

Teresita H. Espinosa

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Orthosiphon aristatus (Blume) Miguel (Family Labiatae) is used as tea due to its diuretic activity. The organoleptic, physical, and chemical properties were determined. Short term stability testing was conducted, as well as, the drug's compatibility with common tablet excipients. The drug has a brown to yellow ochre to brownich in color, a pleasant aromatic odor, and a bitter taste. It showed good flowability and compressibility. The drug was stable to heat, moisture, and light; and was compatible with common tablet excipients such as magnesium stearate, anhydrous lactose, cornstarch, and microcrystalline cellulose.

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Research Project


The study aimed to assess the potential of lyophilized extracts of the medicinal plant as the active ingredient in the formulation of safe, stable, and cost effective tablet dosage form.

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