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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08161102083671 Submitted: 16 August 2011 Modified: 30 August 2018

Determinants of low performance of the Family Planning Service of Davao City Health Office in Talomo South Davao City.

Jose Bacus

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A proportionate sample of 310 women of reproductive ages were interviewed. Results showed a Contraceptive Prevelance Rate of 43.9 ; higher than the reported 22.7 of City Health Office and 18 of City Population Office. Most of the percieved side effects and disadvantages of family planning (72 ) were of no scientific basis. Fallacies and hearsays on contraceptives still abound. The lack of active participation of men in family planning programs is significant factor also to consider. Majority of the respondents (78 ) claimed easy accessibility of services and 91.3 showed favorable attitude towards family planning. As to the sources of family planning information, 56 came from health workers.Respondent's occupation and knowledge on the various family planning methods are statistically related to the practice of family planning (p.05). Factors which were not statistically related to the family planning practice are: husband's occupation, religion and education of the respondents (p.05). These findings suggest a proper IECM approach to family planning clients and health workers; involvement of the male sector in family planning activities and providing mothers with jobs will greatly enhance family planning acceptance in Talomo South District and even for the whole City of Davao.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the factors why there are few family planning acceptors in Talomo "South" District.

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Research Project
December 1, 1988-May 31, 1989
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