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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08161102081427 Submitted: 16 August 2011 Modified: 16 August 2011

Total antioxidant activity of fruit extract on human low density lipoprotein.

Margarita  Castro,
Leslielyn Ngo

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The total antioxidant activities of aratiles and mango fruit extracts and vitamin C were tested in vitro on human low density lipoprotein (LDL). Samples were incubated with 80 uM copper oxidation catalyst at 37 degree centigrade for 3 hours. The extent of oxidation was measured by determining the hexanal concentrations and conjugated diene readings. In the hexanal static headspace gas chromatography method, the inhibition of hexanal formation was most effective in the presence of vitamin C, followed by that of the mango extract. Aratiles exhibited prooxidant activitiy. In the ultraviolet conjugated diene absorbance method, the order of antioxidant activity than what was observed. It is applicable to assess the antioxidant activity of fruit extracts using hexanal gas chromatography. The use of conjugated diene absorbance method needs further modification.

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Research Project


To quantify the total antioxidant activity of crude extracts from aratiles, chico, dalandan, guava, and mango by determining the percent inhibition of hexanal and conjugated dienes upon addition of different fruit extracts.2. To determine the present inhibition of hexanal and conjugated diene formation with addition of different fruit extracts3. To compare the present inhibition of the different fruit extract compared to that of vitamin C tablet.

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