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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08161101082510 Submitted: 16 August 2011 Modified: 18 May 2017

A case control study of factors affecting drug compliance among multiple drug therapy for leprosy patients.

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Patient compliance in taking prescribed medications is a very critical factor in the success or failure of any health program. One group consisting of patients who have completed the regimen within the specified period of treatment was interviewed and compared with another group consisting of patients who failed to complete the prescribed treatment.One hundred eight (108) dropouts and one hundred nine (109) controls were interviewed using a structured questionnaire. Of 17 variables included in the study (based on health belief model) four were significantly associated with compliance namely: control over health matters, other's non-confirming behavior, support from the family and support from service providers.

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Research Project


This study will hopefully come up with general and specific modifying factors influencing drug compliance.

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