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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08161101085441 Submitted: 16 August 2011 Modified: 16 August 2011

Study on snail control using fungicide.

Imelda R. Legaspi,
Rogelio S. Hambre

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In the field trial on the moluscicidal activity of the Hinosan chemical against O.H. quadrasi snails, baseline data was gathered and chemical was applied for 3 consecutive weeks and monthly snail sampling were done for 9 consecutive months. However, minimal clearing was instituted before the chemical application and find aluminum wire mesh was also installed around the experimental area to prevent snail migration (inward and outward movement). Samples were collected prior to and after molluscicide application. The Hinosan chemical was applied at a dose of 5 ml per square meter and Bayluscide 70% was used as the reference molluscicide using 1 gram per square meter. Control group (without chemical treatment) was also included in the study.

The result of the Hinosan chemical is significantly comparable with Bayluscide 70% with an observed snail mortality of 83%-100% and 83%-96% respectively, and these could be noted in the five month observation with chi-square value at 7.29, 3.44, 2.37 and 1.31 with 1 degree freedom. Snail population has not taken place throughout the monthly snail rechecks. The cost per unit of the Hinosan, is much higher by 16% than Bayluscide 70% to its existing current price. Hinosan is P3.00 per 5 milliliter per square meter compared to Bayluscide 70% which is approximately P2.52 per gram per square meter. Fungicide (Hinosan) is still favorable for it denotes a dual effect that it serves as potential molluscicide to reduce snail population transmitting schistosomiasis and concurrently a protection and curative control of rice diseases.

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Research Project


The study aimed to determined the molluscicidal effect of the fungicide. Specifically to test whether a double concentration of 2.8 ppm of Hinosan is effective as molluscicide at 3 consecutive weekly application of fungicide;To compare the effectiveness as a molluscicide of this particular fungicide to Bayluscide 70%;To determine the rate of repopulation within 9 month period.

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