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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08161110084185 Submitted: 16 August 2011 Modified: 12 October 2011

Iodine deficiency disorders: A study of the knowledge, attitudes and practices of the people of Baguio City and Benguet Province.

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The study indicated that the people have developed through many years of exposure to cases of iodine deficiency disorder, particularly in Kapangan and Tuba, a cultural system surrounding the disorder. This include knowledge, attitude and practices related to the deficiency.Inter-action of the people in the community during gatherings usually result to exposure of people afflicted with the deficiency. This result in the development of awareness of the disorder. The continued exposure led to the need to identify the deficiency using local terms such as "Biscog", "Akak", "Bintuka", "Bekkak" or"Biyol". The most common term known to all, however, is "goiter".The early symptoms of the disorders are virtually unknown to majority of the respondents. The old folks have developed various concepts of the cause of "biscog" so the preventive practices consist of the avoidance of the cause such as avoiding springs where there are fern trees that grow around or near it or avoiding iced cold water or hot water to prevent "pasma".Due to the remoteness of their place, they could not be reached by health personnel so they resort to economically and more accessible forms of treatment like herbs found in their areas such as "Burburtak" or "Puriket" and other home remedies like ginger soaked in kerosene, heated papaya fruit holder.The people afflicted with the deficiency are not subjected to redicule.Of the sixty nine respondents afflicted with the disorder, only fifteen have sought medical assisstance and they are mostly the younger group, 17 to 35. The older ones tend to leave it as it is. Goiter to them does not constitute a serious health problem, it only affect their work. Due to reduced physical capacity, they are unable to work well so their production is likewise affected.From all the findings of this study, it was clearly shown that should a control and preventive program be undertaken, the first step should be to gain entrance to this disease world. In so doing, the very foundations on which a relevant scheme is to be built must be thoroughly understood, otherwise, costly programs and projects will continue to be ineffective.

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