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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08151103085114 Submitted: 15 August 2011 Modified: 15 August 2011

A study of indigenous medical and medicinal resources as a component in health care delivery system of two rural communities in Negros Occidental.

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This is a non-experimental study of indigenous medical and medicinal resources in two rural communities in Negros Occidental (Barangay Concepcion in Talisay and Barangay Granada in Bacolod). The paper aims to determine the availability, awareness, acceptance, degree of usage, and the efficacy of these indigenous medical and medicinal resources. Research design used was the survey method. Two sampling procedures and two sets of instruments were applied for the two groups of respondents (the household and the hilots/arbolarios respondents). Data were gathered through interview, observation, and consultation methods. Statistical analysis used were descriptive statistics and t-test. A total of 246 household in Barangay Concepcion, Talisay and 130 households in Barangay Granada, Bacolod were included in the survey. Background information such as age group, sex, civil status, religion, education, length of stay in the community, occupations of parents/grandparents, expenses, and employment and livelihood patterns of the respondents were given. Majority of the respondents in both barangays were aware of medical and medicinal services available in their community. Among these service groups, the Rural Health Unit (RHU) is the commonly availed of, followed by arbolarios/hilots, and hospitals. Respondents became acquainted with practicing arbolarios/hilots thru talks around the community and because of the efficacy of their treatment.Eighty-five percent of the respondents in Brgy. Concepcion and 78% in Brgy. Granada believed that hilots/arbularios are effective in treating some ailments. Most of the respondents in both communities used herbal medicine more than those manufactured by pharmaceutical laboratories. The two barangays have a RHU which serve as a formal medical resources of the community. RHU cost the least to patients since they have a choice of giving any amount for donation. Hospitals cost from P40 and above, and arbolarios/hilots are given any amount varying from P2 - P10.The list of commonly-used herbal medicine in Barangay Concepcion and in Barangay Granada were enumerated.

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