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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08151103084414 Submitted: 15 August 2011 Modified: 15 August 2011

Integrated surveillance of the health and the environment effects of exposure to volcanic ejecta in selected communities: Social preparation.

Ruben N. Caragay

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Research Project


General Objective:To conduct social preparation phase of the study "Integrated surveillance of the health and environmental effects of exposure to volcanic ejecta is selected communities".Specific Objectives: 1. To conduct ocular inspection on 5 provinces for the identification of study sites;2. To coordinate with local officials to generate information about the prospective study sites;3. To identify specific barangays, puroks and families to be included in the study;4. To conduct orientation meetings to familiarize participants with the different procedures they will undergo in the conduct of health and environmental of exposure to monitoring to volcanic ejecta.

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