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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08151103081993 Submitted: 15 August 2011 Modified: 15 August 2011

Simple laboratory tests in the diagnosis of sepsis in Filipino neonates.

Xerses R. Navarro

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A total of 101 patients clinically diagnosed as sepsis neonatorum were enrolled in the study. Definite sepsis based on positive blood, urine or CSF aerobic culture, was seen on 50 cases. The remaining cases were categorized under "probable" sepsis neonatorum based on a negative bacteriologic culture (blood, CSF and urine) but with clinical signs and symptoms with documented risk factors and/or with strong evidence of infection. Among the five diagnostic tests, C-reactive protein has the highest rate of positivity among those with positive cultures. A striking finding is the high rate of positivity of toxic granulations in patients with definite sepsis

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Research Project


To determine the validity of two or more abnormal test results in the diagnosis of sepsis neonatorum. These laboratory tests are the following: band neutrophil ratio, leokocyte count, c-reactive protein, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and buffy coat smear.

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