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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08151103081710 Submitted: 15 August 2011 Modified: 26 April 2018

Phase IV community trial: Comparative, randomized, double-blind trial of Vitex negundo L. (lagundi) tablet among adolescent patients with acute cough of moderate severity in selected Rural Health Units in Cotabato City.

Eduardo Dela Fuente,
Dina De Leon,
Nelia C. Maramba,
Carmen Castaneda

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OBJECTIVE: To conduct expanded trials on efficacy, safety and acceptability of lagundi tablets in a community setting.


The community trial has gotten of the ground. The training seminar for health personnel participating in the research was conducted at the Cotabato Regional Hospital. Social preparation of the chosen communities and patient recruitment have started. The RHU in Dinaig was able to recruit and follow-up 25 patients but the others have been on the slow-side such that only 73% of the targetted patients have participated in the study by March 31, 1991. The main initial problems aside from the patient recruitment was the delay of the supply of placebo tablets. We forsee a faster phase in patient recruitment with the completion of the needed placebo tablets (additional 11,500 was recently delivered). (Author)

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