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HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC060360 Submitted: 17 May 2007 Modified: 09 October 2018

Clinical profile of symptomatic adults with congestive heart failure admitted at Philippine Heart Center.

Jesus Jorge,
Joseph Georg Tamayo

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OBJECTIVE: To provide Filipino Cardiologists and non cardiologists as well with an initial demographic profile based on descriptive statistics of patients diagnosed with congestive heart failure

METHODOLOGY: Medical Data were gathered using the National Heart Registry Form on admission and completed upon discharge. Descriptive statistics was performed on the demographic data.

RESULTS: A total of 708 patients were included in the study. 57,7 were men, have a mean age of 58.78 +/- 16.59 and 71.2 percent are currently working, 60 percent had reached a college degree. 79 percent have a BMI of less than 25 kg/m2. The most common symptom is orthopnea. Hypertension and diabetes comprised the 2 most common risk factors. Nearly a third of the population smokes. Patient presented with pulmonary congestion (75.5 percent) and bipedal edema (66.5 percent). CXR showed Cardiomegaly in 97.7 percent with pulmonary congestion in 10.9 percent. Echocardiogram showed depressed EF in 65.8 percent. Etiology is CAD in 48.4 percent. Mortality rate is 11.3 percent secondary to progression of CHF ( 46.8 percent) and arrhythmia ( 23 percent).

CONCLUSION: Coronary Artery Disease is identified as the single most important cause of Heart Failure with high prevalence in the elderly population. The finding of CAD has treatment implications in addition to revascularization. CHF is based on non specific clinical symptoms and signs in association with evidence of left ventricular systolic dysfunction. Our findings also showed that heart failure can occur in patients with preserved systolic function. Therapy is based on improving symptoms and survival. (Author)

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Philippine Heart Association 36th Annual Convention
May 25-28, 2005
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