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HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC900536 Submitted: 16 May 2007 Modified: 16 August 2011

Human milk in the feeding of prematures and other low birth weight infants.

Amelia R. Fernandez

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The prospective study was done to establish the suitability of breast milk for 122 low birth weight infants, divided into breastfed and bottlefed groups. All subjects showed significant growth although the breast fed infants tended to be heavier. The type of feeding did not have any effect on physical growth as well as in biochemical and hematologic parameters in the first 4-months of life. There was no demonstrable difference in the incidence of relatively mild infections in the immediate neonatal period.The result of bacteriological analysis revealed that instruction in the technique of milk expression were still inadequate, fortunately, this was not associated with infection in these particular infants.Overall, it is safe to conclude that breast milk is a suitable source for optimal nutrition in the first 4 months of life for low birth weight infants.Considering the economic burden of artificial formula, particularly the specially adapted substitutes, together with the lack of adequate sanitary facilities in the households of these mothers.

Publication Type
Research Project
April 1, 1986-October 31, 1989


The study aims to (1) establish the suitability of human milk as feeding for preterms and other LBW infants (Term SGA)(2) compare the rate and pattern of growth of preterm and term SGA 's fed their own mother's milk and a control group given special formula adapted for LBW infants.3 To establish whether breast milk can minimize the occurrence of infections, including NEC in preterms and other LBW infants.4. To instill in the mothers the proper technique of breast milk collection and storage to minimize contamination and destruction of its important constitutents.5. To establish the index of contaminaton of expressed human milk with regards to bacteria.

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