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Mental health care of Filipino Americans.

Francis Sanchez,
Albert Gaw

Filipino Americans are the second-fastest-growing Asian immigrant group in the United States, following the Chinese. Yet there exists a dearth of information on mental health issues concerning Filipino Americans, who represent a diverse mixture of culture, beliefs, and practices and vary widely from other minorities as well as from the larger population. This group has experienced emotional and behavioral challenges in acclimatizing to Western culture. Their historical underpinnings, native core values, and traditions exert a crucial influence on their mental well-being. Filipino Americans underutilize existing mental health care services that are culturally, socially, and linguistically incompatible with their needs. Along with stigma, the adherence of traditional practices and healing methods remains a formidable barrier to the appropriate provision of care. The authors review factors influencing perceptions of mental health and illness, including religion, family, support systems, coping styles, and indigenous culture-bound traits. Recommendations for treatment consist of a structured, culturally sensitive, comprehensive approach that addresses the individual as well as the cultural milieu.

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Psychiatric Services
Publication Date
June 2007
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1. Child mental health in the Philippines.
2. Mental health help seeking among Filipinos: A review of the literature.
4. Spirituality, connectedness, and beliefs about psychological services among Filipino immigrants in Iceland.
5. The dynamics of migration-related stress and coping of female domestic workers from the Philippines: An exploratory study.

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