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Holy Name University (HNU)


Type of Organization
Academic institution

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Janssen Heights Dampas District Tagbilaran City, Bohol
Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines
+63 38 427 1542
+63 38 501 7731

1. Competence of intensive care unit nurses and satisfaction with the services.
2. Factors of good working relationships among the hospital's nursing service personnel its impact and benefits.
3. Knowledge and practices of food handlers in campus canteen management.

1. Post-operative experience: Impact on, and coping mechanisms and adaptation of cancer patients.

1. Tuberculosis and its co-morbidities: Clients' knowledge and health seeking behavior.

1. Stroke patients' behavior and caregivers coping mechanisms.
2. Infection control: hospital staffs competence and compliance.
3. Family caregiving: Perception of burden.
4. Nurses' emotional intelligence and clinical competence.
5. Malnutrition interventions: Mother's compliance and its impact.
6. Incidence of dengue in Bohol.

1. Care of cirrhotic patients and primary caregivers' experiences.

1. Dengue prevention and control program: Community sector's involvement.
2. INTRODUCTION: The study aimed to determine the incidence of dengue fever among college and high school students and patient - reported manifestations and remediation. The incidence of dengue fever was also sought based on the demographic profile of the respondents such as the age, gender, area of residence and educational level.

1. Teratogenic agents: Pregnant women's awareness and exposure.

1. Therapeutic management of asthma: Patients' knowledge, skills and attitudes.
2. Client's knowledge on type 2 diabetes mellitus and their level of compliance with treatment regimen.
3. Perceptions and health practices of clients with obesity.
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