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HERDIN Record #: 100731-19041515153997 Submitted: 15 April 2019 Modified: 16 April 2019

Utility of Thorascoscore in predicting the risk of death and prolonged mechanical ventilation among patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgeries.

Cristia Maysol T. Maderazo-Morales,
Rommel D. Bayot

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Background: The use of risk stratification systems had helped clinicians predict outcomes based on clinical parameters and characteristics of patients and these usually guide them in their management thus lowering the risk of mortality and morbidity in some patients. The Thoracoscore is a risk stratification that can be used in all cardiothoracic surgeries as a tool for predicting the risk of death. The Thoracoscore (Falcoz et al,2007) uses nine variables to predict patient surgical mortality and has been tested and validated in several large studies.

Method: A prospective cross sectional study was conducted among 149 patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgeries. A Thoracoscore risk stratification was done pre-operatively and patients were followed up post operatively for prolonged mechanical ventilation and death.

Results: Ninety two patients ( 92%) were males and fifty seven (57%) were females. The mean age of the study population was 52 years old. Majority of the patients underwent coronary artery bypass graft (57%). Most of the patients have diabetes mellitus (52%), hypertension (70%), coronary artery disease (59%) and non smokers (63%). Patient stratified as low risk had good outcomes after cardiothoracic surgery. Moreover, those patients stratified as moderate were likely to be discharged while patients stratified as high risk and very high risk required prolonged mechanical ventilation and presented with higher risk of mortality.

Conclusion: Thoracoscore risk stratification is a simple, non invasive and feasible test that may be used for pre- operative evaluation. A low risk is more likely to result to good outcome while a very high risk resulted to a 100% risk of mortality of patient who underwent cardiothoracic surgeries. Moreover, those stratified as moderate and high risk is more likely to have prolonged intubation.


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