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HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-18110611342091 Submitted: 06 November 2018 Modified: 13 November 2018

A descriptive study on the clinical profile and outcome of Chronic Stable Angina patients admitted at Philippine Heart Center from January to December 2010.

Jun Maximo F. Lasco II

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Introduction: The prevalence of coronary artery disease in the world is very high and alarming. Our own country and race is not spared from this worldwide trend. The Philippine National Statistics office, declared that diseases of the heart still occupies the first spot in the top ten causes of death in our country. Chronic stable angina is reported as the most common manifestation of CAD. Risk factor, diagnostics tools to aid in stratification of patients as well as different treatment modalities is already recognized. Outcomes of patients with CSA were also discussed in length.

Objective: To determine the clinical /diagnostic profile and outcome of patients with chronic stable angina admitted at Philippine Heart Center from Jan 2010 to Dec 2010.

Methods: A retrospective chart review was done. Clinical/ diagnostic profile and outcome were gathered.

Results: One hundred thirty-three patients were included in the study. Mean age was 66.5 years with male predominance (57.1%). Mostly were under the care of a private physician. The average body mass index was 26.6 which qualify as overweight. Leading cardiac risk factor was hypertension (83.8%). Chest pain was the most common chief complaint (55.6%). Study population mostly have elevated fasting blood sugar (39.8%). Lipid profile showed LDL > 160 mg/dl (26.5%), HDL at 35-44mg/dl (23.3%) and TG

Conclusion: This study determined the clinical/ diagnostic profile, therapeutic intervention and outcome of chronic stable angina patients admitted at Philippine Heart Center from January to December 2010.


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