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Suicidal ideation differences among undergraduate college students of Cebu Doctors' University: Basis for intervention program.


Natasha Marie C. Canubida,
Jerrica M. Herrera,
Glisa Shyne Talacero

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College of Arts and Sciences - Psychology Department - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
April 2017


         The study aimed to determine the suicidal ideation differences among the college students of Cebu Doctors' University of the Academic Year 2016-2017. The study was conducted in Cebu Doctors; University with five hundred twenty - eight (528) respondent from the seven (7) colleges. The study utilized the descriptive comparative survey method. The instrument utilized is the Positive and Negative Suicide Ideation Inventory (PANSI) by Augustine Osman, Beverly A. Kopper, Francisco X. Barrios, and Peter M. Gutierrez. The tool was found to be reliable in the local setting.

         The findings of the study were that majority of the respondents -seventy- seven percent (77.1%) - obtained the result of positive suicide ideation while a minority of the respondents - twenty-two percent (22.9%) - obtained the result of negative suicide ideation. This would show us that majority of the respondents are less likely to develop suicide ideation. Suicidal ideation do not differ significantly across gender X2 (1) = 0.91, p= 0.34, and year level X2 (5) = 6.428, p = .283. However, it differs significantly across degree program X2 (16) = 13.295, p = 0.039

         The conclusion of the study was that the gender and the difference between each year level do not determine that individuals' thought process on suicide. However, the degree program in which the students choose can determine the students' thought process on suicide. The recommendations of the study are that respondents may heighten their self-awareness towards the suicide ideation they may or may not possess. Parents may know the possible solutions in helping their child if they are experiencing suicidal ideation and could lower their chances of re-developing suicidal thoughts. Friends will be able to provide the social support to those who are considering suicide. Guidance Counsellors can use the results of this study as a basis or reference for suicide-related seminars or lectures. For future studies, the researchers recommend that future researchers may use the findings of this study as a reference.


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