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Experiences of teenagers with unplanned pregnancies in Phetchaburi Province, Thailand.

Rapeepan Narkbubpha,
Martina Summer Meranius

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The purpose of this study is for readers to understand the various experiences teenage parents endure within the Phetchaburi Province of Thailand. Using a qualitative research design, ten (10) pregnant teenagers between the ages of 15-19 years old were interviewed. A semi-structured, in-depth interview was used as the primary means of data collection. In addition, data were analyzed using the process of manifest content analysis. The four main themes that emerged were: (1) circumstances leading to pregnancy was due to the failure of contraception and lack of knowledge regarding proper sexual education, (2) recognition of pregnancy was late because the teenagers have neither experienced pregnancy nor did they have knowledge of self-monitoring during pregnancy, (3) the reactions towards the pregnancies were typically negative reactions from girls, boyfriends, and parents (4) life changes after the pregnancy were due to the strong concerns about dropping out of school and being ostracized by the community. The findings implied an improvement for healthcare services. For instance, teenagers should participate in sexual education classes that offer precautionary lessons towards pregnancy. Moreover, educational programs (specifically meeting the physical and emotional needs of pregnant teenagers) should be established so that pregnant teenagers can continue their pregnancy without quitting school.

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Journal Article, Original
Philippine Journal of Nursing
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December 2012
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