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HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-16050515191454 Submitted: 05 May 2016 Modified: 05 May 2016

Ruptured Rasmussen's Aneurysm: a fatal hemoptysis.

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Introduction: A pseudoaneurysmal dilatation of the branch of pulmonary artery called Rasmussen's aneurysm is a very rare sequalae of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Case Presentation: A 59 year old female, complained of massive hemoptysis that started few days prior to admission.  CTPA showed a saccular aneurysm in the segmental branch of right pulmonary artery described as Rasmussen aneurysm, with fibrotic infiltrates on both apices. On the 9th hospital day, massive  hemoptysis recurred that lead to the demise of the patient.

 Discussion: Pulmonary tuberculosis results in the erosion of the adjacent structures in the lung. A tuberculous process that occurs near a vessel wall leads to thickened intima protrusion and an aneurysm results.

 Conclusion: Hemoptysis in Rasmussen's aneurysm is usually massive and needs early and aggressive management.

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