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Spiritual verses guiding the professional practice of the Filipino nurses: A Phenomenology

This study aimed to capture the importance of spiritual verses as guiding principle in the practice of selected Filipino Nurses. It centered upon the question regarding the bible verses they are using and how they apply it in their practice. This study utilized a qualitative research design and employed a phenomenological research approach. Eight (8) registered nurses who are currently working in the field were interviewed through a semi-structured and pre-arranged interview questions that focused in discovering the spirituality within them. The researchers conducted introductory investigation of previous studies and literatures, as discussed on the review of related literature section of this study. This was done to analyze statements that may contribute to consistent views in relation to the significance of using Bible verses in their practice. With thematized statements, the researcher formed a figure, Care Beneath an Angel's Wings: Nurses' Spiritual Approach Towards Healthcare, summarizes what is the significance of spiritual verses to deliver total care to clients. It features three (3) major themes: (1) Driving force en route to Adept Nurse (2) Bible Vese: Wieldable Guide to Practice and (3) An Aftermath of Bible Verse Application to Care.

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This study aims to be able to gain new and general ideas on how would Bible verse will help them to improve the care they will render to their patient. It may also benefit nurses, as it will give them a better grasp and understanding on the real essence of Bible verses as a guiding principle in nursing practice.

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