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HERDIN Record #: NCR-OLFU-14041412083031 Submitted: 14 April 2014 Modified: 21 April 2014

A study of parallelism of the occlusal plane and a definite point within the ala-tragus line of dentate OLFU students.

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This study was conducted to analyze the parallelism of the occlusal plane and ala-tragus line among dentate OLFU students. This study employed the experimental research method. Thirty (30) OLFU students who came form different colleges and year levels were selected to participate to the said experiment. The subjects were asked to bite a fox plane between their teeth. Right profile pictures were taken with a digital camera with the patients standing in natural head position. After the experimentation, the researchers traced the printed pictures then measured the angles between the occlusal plane and the superior border of the ala-tragus, occlusal plane and the middle of the ala-tragus and the occlusal plane and the inferior border of the ala-tragus. Statistical analysis was carried out, independent t-test was used. One group value was zero in independent t-test because it was supposed that the occlusal plane and the ala-tragus line should be parallel. Results showed that the mean observed angle between the ala-tragus line and occlusal plane is 2.5 degrees with the computed value (p value) 0.18 is far from the expected result of zero degrees and shows no parallelism.

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Journal Article, Original
Fatima University Research Journal
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March 2013


This study analyzed the parallelism of the occusal plane and ala-tragus line among dentate students of Our Lady of Fatima University.

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