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Development of a malaria information system (MIS) in Southern Philippines.

Maria Lourdes E. Amarillo,
Vicente Y. Belizario Jr,
Ariane Marie S. Dayag

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The need for a local malaria surveillance system that would provide data for planning, monitoring, and evaluation was recognized. RHUMIS, or Rural Health Unit (RHU) Malaria Information System (MIS), was developed, along with guidelines and deployed in all 14 municipalities of Agusan del Sur. The RHUs' health and technical staff were trained to use RHUMIS, and made to attend a workshop on information utilization. A Provincial MIS Team was organized to maintain and upgrade the system. Results showed that RHUMIS improved and enhanced the surveillance activities in the province. It allowed the integration of malaria control information with prevention activities in the different health facilities. It was now up to the local government units (LGUs), the Department of Health (DOH), and other partners to collaborate to ensure the sustainability of RHUMIS. This report describes the processes involved in the development of a MIS and how it improved and enhanced malaria surveillance activities in Southern Mindanao.

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Journal Article, Original
The University of the Philippines Manila Journal
Publication Date
July-December 2005
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Philippine Council for Health Research and Development Library Box No. 16 Fulltext Print Format
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