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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD13070221214874 Submitted: 03 July 2013 Modified: 03 July 2013

The complete NMR assignment of tge alkaloids of Ipomoea muricata [L] Jacq. convolvulaceae.

Peter G. Waterman,
Maribel G. Nonato

The indolizidine alkaloids from locally grown seeds of Ipomoea muricata were previously isolated and identified. These alkaloids were characterized by ID NMR spectoscopy as ipomine, ipalbimium, and ipalbine. In the course of looking for other bioactive constituents from the seeds, these alkaloids were reisolated. Group separation of the crude extract of the seeds according to polarity yielded butanol fraction from which ipomine and ipalbidine were purified using gel filtration and normal phase chromatography while ipalbine and ipalbinium were purified by reverse-phase chromatography.

Publication Type
Publication Sub Type
Journal Article, Original
Publication Date
June 2000
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Philippine Council for Health Research and Development Library Box no. 81 Fulltext Print Format
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