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HERDIN Record #: CAR-DOST-02081109025183 Submitted: 08 February 2011 Modified: 11 February 2011

Electro-acupuncture in the treatment of cancer pain.

Charles L. Cheng

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Pain is a disagreeable sensation, highly individualized and produced by the action of stimuli of harmful nature. It has been the subject of studies for many centuries. Up to the present, conflicting views still surround it, especially as to why it occurs in some and not in others.

Pain may not be associated with all types and extent of the malignancy. But when it occurs and associated with it, it can at times be devastating, making the patient unreasonable, especially if the pain is continuous, intolerable and the agonizing type. This is a major challenge for physicians.

The study however is not group controlled and cases in each type of malignancy are limited. The acupuncture points were determined by using two criteria: (a) Wherever the pain arises, either at the site, local extension or distant metastasis; and (b) The clinical patient's personality type like depressed type; the excited type; and, the well balanced type.

Electrical stimulation which is 4 to 5 millivolts in strength with 3 to 4 cycle per second in frequency until a numb or tinkling sensation is at the site of insertion for a duration of 45 minutes for a period of 10 sessions. Patient is made to rest for a week and ten sessions is resumed.

Forty four residents of Baguio and Benguet composed the subjects of the study. The youngest is a 14 year old male and the oldest was 78.5 female.

More than one half of the respondents found the treatment very good, that is pain is reduced for a duration of 12 to 23 hours without the use of pain relievers; one fourth found the treatment approach good that is the pain is reduced and previous injection is being administered is gradually reduced. Only 16% found the treatment "minimal relief because pain is reduced but previous injection is still needed."

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January 1, 2000-November 30, 2007
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