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HERDIN Record #: NCR-JRRMMC-09071212094470 Submitted: 07 September 2012 Modified: 19 November 2012

Epidemiology of acute distal radial fracture at Dr. Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center.

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This study aims to investigate the frequency and distribution of acute distal radial fractures seen at Dr. Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center.

STUDY DESIGN: Prospective-descriptive Study.

STUDY SETTING: Emergency and Out-Patient Department, Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center, February 1, 2000 to January 31, 2001.

STUDY POPULATION: 113 patients with distal radial fractures except those which involved the shaft, and those who present with old neglected fractures greater than 1 week.

The average age of the population was 30.57. The average male to female ratio is 2.2:1. There was a male predominance. Majority of the population who sustained acute distal radial fractures who consulted at our institution came from Tondo. In this preliminary report, the months of March, April, May and August has the most number of cases (14.2% each). The incidence of distal radial fracture by the days of the week showed that the volume of patients were during Thursdays. Majority of cases involves the left wrist. Majority of the distal radial fracture involves Frykman 8 (n=20, 17.7%). Majority of acute distal radial fractures are being treated with close reduction followed by immobilization using LACC.

Distal radial fracture is a relatively common injury hence much attention should be given to its diagnosis, management, and in educating the patient and the health care provider as well. Despite the limitation of this study, nevertheless, it could also be used in a wider scope of study comparing it with local and international publication.

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Research Report
February 1, 2000-January 31, 2001
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